Learn about Projects for City of Hamilton, Ohio Electric, including Substation Modernization, Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility, and Greenup Hydroelectric Facility.

Substation Modernization

Over the past 6 years, old electromechanical relays have been replaced with modern state-of-the-art relays in 9 of 10 substations. The new relays have reduced costs, outages and downtime while improving reliability. The modern relays provide high-speed, secure, and dependable fault detection, accurate fault location, and comprehensive automation and control functions. In summary, when an outage occurs today, the new relays provide our crews with the information they need to restore power -  no more guess work.

Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility

The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is a joint venture between the City of Hamilton and American Municipal Power (AMP). AMP, a non-profit corporation, serves as a joint action agency for a consortium of electric generating and/or distributing cities located in Ohio and several other states. In addition to Hamilton, a founding member of AMP, approximately 47 other cities, through membership in AMP, are participating in the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility. As a project participant, the City of Hamilton receives 51.4% of all energy produced at Meldahl, while the other AMP member communities are entitled to the remaining 48.6%.

This 105 mega-watt (MW) hydroelectric plant, located on the Ohio River near Augusta, Kentucky, began full commercial operation in April 2016. The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is projected to generate approximately 550 million kilo-watt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy annually.

Greenup Hydroelectric Facility

This 70.2 mega-watt (MW) hydroelectric plant is located on the Ohio River near Franklin Furnace, Ohio. Greenup generates approximately 282 million kilo-watt hours (kWh) annually and was placed into commercial operation in May 1982. Beginning with the commercial operation of Meldahl in April 2016, Hamilton sold 48.6% of Greenup to American Municipal Power (AMP). Under the Meldahl/Greenup agreement, Hamilton operates both facilities. Greenup continues to be a key component of the City's green energy portfolio.