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Hamilton agrees to economic development district with Ross Twp.: What it will mean

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September 28, 2021


The Ross Township trustees and Hamilton City Council have approved creation of a new economic-development area in Ross that will help the township be able to afford infrastructure improvements. Those improvements will be needed because of development that will happen because of Hamilton’s gigantic indoor sports complex expected to open early next year in Hamilton.

In creating “Ross-Hamilton Joint Economic Development District I,” the township and city agreed that if any hotels are created on the several properties included in the district, those hotels will be required to add a tax to rooms that will help finance parking areas for the $165 million Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill facility.

Those who work or live on the properties in the JEDD Ross-Hamilton JEDD will have to pay 2 percent income taxes, the same amount collected by in Hamilton. That will be the funding source for infrastructure improvements, such as new streets, sewers or utilities. Companies on those properties will pay net profits taxes.

Of the income taxes, 95 percent will go to the township, with 5 percent going to the city, mostly to pay costs of administering JEDD programs, such as tax collections.

The hotel tax will go to Spooky Nook parking, with the idea the sports complex is creating demand for the hotels. As part of their pact, the township agreed to do all it can to incorporate the JEDD areas under jurisdiction of the Hamilton Community Authority, created to raise funding for Spooky Nook parking and other amenities, such as transportation in the area.

Spooky Nook has booked every weekend from April through August of next year, the complex’s owner, Sam Beiler, recently said, and each day is expected to attract 8,000 to 10,000 athletes and their families.

“We’re beginning some development that’s related to the amount of traffic that will be coming through, heading to and from Spooky Nook,” said Ross Township Administrator Laurie Kile.

The agreement for the JEDD automatically extends for successive 10-year renewal terms.

At a meeting in August, Mayor Pat Moeller pointed out, to dispel some rumors in Ross Township, that Hamilton will be granted absolutely no jurisdiction over zoning in the township.

Under their contract, the city and township agreed:

  • The will work together on street improvements if necessary.
  • The township intends, but is not required, to work toward expanding and upgrading Ohio 128 and related infrastructure, such as sidewalks, to improve traffic in the area.
  • Police and fire service will be provided to the properties in the same ways as the rest of the township.
  • Except for income taxes, the township will keep all other taxes generated there, such as real estate and personal property.
  • A five-person JEDD board of directors will be created, including one appointed by the township; one appointed by the city; another appointed by the township who represents business owners within the district; one appointed by the city representing people employed in the district; and one member chosen by the other four.
  • The township will continue to be able to grant incentives, such as tax exemptions.

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