Corwin Avenue

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**Corwin Avenue sanitary sewers transport a significant volume of wastewater to the Water Reclamation Facility. **

Over the years sewer odors have become an issue in and around the intersection of Corwin Ave and  Benninghofen Ave. The problem has compounded in recent years with additional industrial development in the southeastern region of our city. Today, the City is working to mitigate this issue in the short term while planning for significant improvements in coming years. 

Recent Work:

Aeration System
Added in 2017, air compressors at the Gilmore Pumping Station aerates wastewater before it leaves the station. This has proven effective in mitigating odor issues and was one of the first efforts to address the ongoing odor issue along Corwin Avenue.

Odor filters
The addition of carbon filters located on house sewer vents actively removes odors as air leaves the vents. We have purchased the first round of the vent filters and we are working with the residents and contractors to get them installed in the area where the odors are most prevalent.

Bio-tabs and Point Source Identification
New as of late 2020, the addition of in-stream pretreatment in the form of Bio-tabs helps reduce hydrogen sulfide gas as wastewater is in transit to the Water Reclamation Facility. Additionally, the City is working with local industries to identify ways in which to eliminate odor issues.

The long term fix
We are currently in the process of adding a new sewer pipe that will separate industrial wastewater from the residents wastewater on Corwin Ave. Construction on this project has started as of Summer 2021.