Realignment of Main, Cereal, Haldimand, Western, and McKinley Avenues

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Timeline: Summer 2020 - Fall 2021

Realignment of this major intersection has been a priority project in Hamilton for the past five years. In partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the City will begin work this summer on this $3.6 million construction project to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety along the Main Street corridor. The reconfiguration of the streets will make this a standard 4-way intersection, while also:

  • Replacing an undersized storm sewer
  • Relocating gas and water mains
  • Removing the obsolete railroad tracks and incorporating improvements necessary for the Beltline Recreational Trail
  • Completing a full pavement reconstruction
  • Replacing traffic signals
  • Providing sidewalks and handicap ramps at all approaches
  • Improving signage and street lighting

The partnership with ODOT includes 80% grant funding, putting the City’s burden for the project at approximately $725,000.

This project is being coordinated with a local storm sewer improvement project adjacent to Highland Elementary School. Prior projects completed along this corridor include the realignment of Main Street at Millville and Eaton Avenues, which also utilized grant funds from ODOT.