Highland Park Water Main Replacement Project

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Timeline: Expected Summer 2020 - Fall 2021

One of the most crucial components of the Highland Park project is the underground water infrastructure replacement. The Highland Park water main replacement project will start this summer. This will be the second phase of a wider water main replacement initiative in the area, which will abandon the aged and problematic pipes from the 1920s and replace them with a new system. This project will upgrade the capacity of our water distribution network, further boosting reliability for customers. The project represents approximately a $4 million investment in our infrastructure, with almost half of that cost covered by a zero interest loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). We expect the new water main to provide service to our customers for another century. 

Due to this new installation, it will be necessary for the contractor to enter each house to make the connection to the resident’s water meter. Because of the underground construction required for this project, it is expected these streets will be paved in a few years restoring them to a good condition.