North Hamilton Crossing

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North Hamilton Crossing (NHX) is a planned transportation project to build a new bridge across the Great Miami River and a railroad overpass connecting northwest Hamilton to US127, State Route 4, and State Route 129.

There are still areas where transportation improvements can be made to reduce traffic congestion due to railroad crossings and bottlenecks at bridges. Since the early 2000’s, the City has recognized the need to provide alternative east-west routes in the northern portion of the City of Hamilton. In response to this need, the City conceived of the North Hamilton Crossing (NHX) project to improve travel between NW Washington Blvd. on the west side of the Great Miami River and US 127 (N 3rd St), SR 4 (Erie Blvd.) and SR 129 at Hampshire Drive on the east side. The NHX project is a priority in Plan Hamilton, the City of Hamilton’s comprehensive plan. [link to plan] . This project is being undertaken in partnership with the Butler County Transportation Improvement District (BCTID) and is following the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Project Development Process.

The goals of the NHX project are to:

  • Improve mobility and reduce congestion
  • Improve east-west travel through the City
  • Make travel on local roadways and on bridges across the Great Miami River easier and safer
  • Better support economic development
  • Explore opportunities to improve options for travel by public transit, bicycle and on foot

Three strategies are being explored to improve travel in the NHX study area: 

  • Establish a new bridge connection over the Great Miami River
  • Construct a new railroad overpass
  • Improve connections between US 127, SR 4, to SR 129

Project Status

We are currently in the planning and preliminary engineering phases of the NHX project. Between now and the end of Summer 2022, we will be focused on completing a Feasibility Study to identify a preferred alternative for the NHX project.